Tech Onboarding

Tech Onboarding




Basil Yusuf

Studied Computer Science. Worked @ Deloitte, Amazon, TD Bank, Interac. I'm passionate about the open source community and love the PDF initiative by the Onedoc team :)

Getting started

1. Installation

Clone the repository.

npm install

2. Set up environment

  • Look for
  const ONEDOC_API_KEY = "" //TODO: insert your API key here

in render.tsx and insert your ONEDOC_API_KEY

  • For a live rendering experience, split your IDE in two views, and open tech-onboarding.pdf in your right tab. You can use the Adobe PDF Viewer extension if you are using VS Code.

3. Render your first document

npm run render

4. Have fun !

Build and render documents of your own in just one command line !

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